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Paraiba Obsession

Discovered only a few decades ago, the Paraiba gemstone is a beautiful treasure that is said to be a million times more rare than a diamond. Its brilliant blue color elements had never been seen before in tourmalines.

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Graziela Kaufman

Graziela Kaufman is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Colored Gems, Diamonds and Jewelry making and is part of The Contemporary Jewelry Design Group. Her beautifully designed pieces are adored by celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian and many more.

Learning from her grandfather, Graziela hand-designs every piece. She grew up in Brazil learning about many of the natural resources the country has to offer. Her backyard was a ‘gemological treasure’. She traveled to many different mining towns throughout Brazil learning about the fascinating history behind every stone that would ultimately be the inspiration for her future creations.

Currently, Graziela resides in the Chicago area where she has lived for the last 17 years with her husband and four boys. However, Graziela Gems are sold across the country and are available in more than 25 retail locations including 5 Neiman Marcus locations.

Outside of Jewelry, one of Graziela’s passions is to make a difference in the lives of homeless and abused animals. She is involved with several organizations around the world that help rehabilitate animals of all sorts. We need to be the voice for these helpless creatures, please join us in the fight. Together we can make a difference.

To learn more about how Graziela is involved with helping animals, please visit her Animal Advocacy page.

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Every Graziela Gems gemstone is extracted with the utmost respect for the planet. Each piece is of the highest quality and comes with a generous 14 day return policy.