Featured Collection:

Midnight Aquamarine

Our latest Couture collection featuring an ultra-rare Brazilian denim aquamarine never before seen in the U.S market.

The Beautiful:

Natura Collection

Inspired by my travels in Roman and Greek cities, my Natura Collection is designed to accentuate feminine, goddess-like qualities making you feel bold and extra luxurious. Every piece is made with 18k gold and clusters of conflict-free, pure white diamonds.

Our Staple:

Paraiba Tourmaline

Discovered only a few decades ago, the Paraiba gemstone is a beautiful treasure that is said to be a million times more rare than a diamond. Its brilliant blue color elements had never been seen before in tourmaline.

Ethically Mined Jewelry

Every Graziela Gems gemstone is extracted with the utmost respect for the planet. Each piece is of the highest quality and comes with a generous 14 day return policy.

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