The New Midnight
Aquamarine Collection


A Brand New Aquamarine

First introduced to the US luxury jewelry market by Graziela, the new Midnight Aquamarine gemstone is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Found only in her home country of Brazil, Graziela worked with the local miners to extract this beautiful stone in the most eco-friendly way possible. It’s unique denim blue brilliance captured Graziela’s heart the moment she laid eyes on them and inspired her to design one of her most glamorous collections yet.
Released at the 2017 Luxury JCK, Las Vegas event, this collection created quite a buzz that caught the attention of buyers, designers and gemologists. We have since trademarked this gemstone as Midnight Aquamarine.
For an in person look at these pieces please call 800-961-1170 or visit Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, CA.


Exotic, Precious & True

Ethically-mined luxury jewelry by Brazilian designer Graziela Kaufman


Our Paraiba Staple

Being from Brazil, Paraiba Tourmaline is Graziela’s favorite stone. 100x more rare than a diamond, these stones are only found in three places in the world, with Brazil being one of them. With rarity comes scarcity but it is our mission to make the Paraiba Tourmaline stone accessible to all by incorporating a Paraiba gemstone in every Graziela Gems piece! We are currently working to get them in all of our pieces be here are some that already include them.



Our Motivation

By wearing Graziela Gems, women will feel empowered, bold and proud that her beautiful jewelry pieces are not only visually stunning, but also ethically-sourced and part of a larger initiative to give back to the planet and its creatures through Graziela Gems’ philanthropic efforts. Graziela is proud to donate 10% of all sales to charities around the world including the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to support them in their philanthropic mission.

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