Graziela Gems is for today’s sophisticated, ultra-luxurious woman interested in rare and premium gemstones from all around the world.

With that, we’re please to announce the newest Couture collection from Brazilian jewelry designer Graziela Kaufman, The Something Blue collection.


The Something Blue collection is a mixture of rare Paraiba Tourmaline gemstones, Blue Sapphires and Sky Blue Topazes complimented by black and white diamonds. Each piece serves as a rare keepsake that is both stunning and stylish.

graziela-gems-logoCOUTURE BY GRAZIELA

Bold, brilliant and luxurious, the Couture collections by Brazilian designer Graziela Kaufman, feature one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces in an array of unique and distinctive styles. Every collection is hand-crafted with some of the world’s rarest stones and most precious metals for the woman looking for a keepsake that is as stunning as it is timeless.

We warmly invite you to explore our Couture collections online or call 800-961-1170 for more information about any piece.

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