The Amazonia Necklace

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Once I had a dream. I dreamed up a collection that would tell the history of the most important forest in the world and portray its unique beauty. This forest, Amazonia, happens to be in my native country, Brazil.

I put my heart and soul into this collection. I wanted to create pieces of jewelry that would encapsulate the life and beauty of the Amazon, allowing you to experience the lush vegetation and heartbeat of the forest, and let you see the animals in their own habitat.

The back of the Amazonia Necklace tells a sad, but true story. As the fire hits the Amazon, the leaves brown and die. They have holes and lifeless edges, and the animals can no longer exist. It’s real and terrifying, and it’s a reality created by man.

The front of the piece is a celebration of the Amazon in its natural state. Brazilian Paraiba tourmalines sparkle like water droplets on the lush foliage. The native animals are flourishing. This is the Amazon as it should be.

The Amazonia Necklace is the centerpiece and muse for the entire collection.

Three years ago, the Amazon was engulfed by devastating fires. That’s when I felt compelled to do something. My heart was hurting, and I couldn’t sleep, thinking about how mankind could inflict such damage on Mother Nature’s most bio-diverse land.

This collection means so much to me. I’m donating 10% of the proceeds directly to the Rainforest Trust, where funds are used where they’re needed most, directly on the grounds of the Rain Forest. 

  • Gemstones: 3 Carats of Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline (148 pcs), 1.15 Carats of G-H Color White Diamonds (79 pcs), 3.63 Carats of Champagne Diamonds (238 pcs), 1 Carat of Black Diamonds (83 pcs), 1.85 Carats of Yellow Sapphires (11 pcs), 3.80 Carats of Orange Sapphires (104 pcs), .55 Carats of Tsavorites (30 pcs), 1.2 Carats of Emeralds (5 pcs), .03 Carat of Ruby (3 pcs)
  • Metal: 225 Grams of Green & Brown Color Rhodium 18K Gold
  • Measurements: 14" Collar Style 2" Wide
  • Closure: Hidden Box Clasp with Safety
  • Features: 80 Leaves, Detachable Turtle, Monkey, Toucan, and Jaguar

It’s Deeper Than Jewelry

I put a little piece of my soul into every one of my designs, and I strive to ensure that every creation exceeds expectations.

I’d like to invite you to discover the magic of Graziela, where old-world craftsmanship meets contemporary design, with a touch of Brazilian flair.

I believe that every piece of jewelry tells a story, and I love to help create new unforgettable moments.

- Graziela