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A Closer Look at the Paraiba Obsession Triple Drop Necklace by Graziela

This necklace is made with more than 15 of Paraiba Tourmaline, one of the most beautiful natural gemstones in the world. Paraiba Tourmaline is so rare that only one gemstone is mined for every 1 million diamonds mined. It is only found in two places in the world including Graziela Kaufman’s home country of Brazil. The Paraiba Tourmaline gemstones in this necklace are complimented by 14 carats of white diamonds and 26 grams of 18k white gold. The necklace is hand-made and one-of-a-kind.


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FB Live (9/21/17): Help Graziela Gems raise funds for the Humane Society for Hurricane Relief! 

100% of profits from our famous Wave Collection will support the Humane Society for Hurricane Relief.Thank you so much for joining this week’s Facebook Live. With so many horrible disasters recently, I feel compelled to help in anyway I can. 100% of all profits from the pieces I am showing today are going to benefit the Humane Society.


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New Collection! Introducing the Natura Collection

Graziela Gems Facebook Live 8/23/2017: In this week’s Facebook Live video, Graziela showcases her newest collection, the Natura Collection. First introduced at JCK Luxury 2017 in Las Vegas, this collection is a brilliant mix of 18k yellow gold and shining, conflict-free diamonds. The entire collection is meant to express Graziela’s love for Nature. A recent visit to the small Italian town her jewelry grandfather was from, inspired this new, exquisite collection.

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Introducing the Midnight Aquamarine Collection

First introduced to the US luxury jewelry market by Graziela, the new Midnight Aquamarine gemstone is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Released at the 2017 Luxury JCK, Las Vegas event, this collection created quite a buzz that caught the attention of buyers, designers and gemologists. We have since trademarked this gemstone as Midnight Aquamarine. For an in person look at these pieces please call 800-961-1170 or visit Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, CA.

FB Live (8/16/17): Introducing new diamond pieces from Graziela!

Graziela Kaufman shows of our her newest pieces including new pieces to one of her most popular collections, the Ascension Collection. All of these pieces debuted at the JCK Luxury Event 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Come take a look!

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Graziela Gems in Hollywood 2017

From Jennifer Lopez to Taylor Swift, Graziela’s fine jewelry pieces have been worn by hundreds of red carpet celebrities. Graziela Gems has also been worn by celebrities gracing the covers of major publications like Vanity Fair, Vogue and many more.

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FB Live (7/12/17): Graziela Kaufman showcases beautiful Brazilian gemstones

Being from Brazil, Graziela grew up learning about all of the most precious gemstones of the region. In this Facebook Live video, she showcases some of the most beautiful and rare Brazilian gemstones she uses to design her jewelry collections.

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