Our Staple: Paraiba Tourmaline

 A Signature Paraiba
In Every Graziela Piece

Since I discovered Paraiba Tourmalines 20 years ago, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with them. They are, in my eyes, a miracle. I’ve never seen anything as beautiful or mesmerizing as a perfect neon blue Paraiba Tourmaline.

 Extremely rare and hard to mine, these gemstones were discovered in the 1980’s and are only found in two mines in the world.  This gemstone owes its splendid color to manganese and copper, an element never seen in tourmalines before. These gems are so vivid that they glow intensely even in little light. I truly believe that these gems are a treasure from nature.

I want every woman in the world to be able to behold Paraiba Tourmaline’s beauty and that is why I will include at least one gemstone in every piece that I design moving forward. This is a work in progress so not every piece has one just yet, but we working hard to make this dream a reality.