Our Purpose

It’s Deeper Than Jewelry

If you know me, then you know that I have a deep connection and passion for two things in this world; gemstones and animals. It is those two things that serve as the biggest motivations for me to design my jewelry.

Gemstones are in my blood. As a¬†little girl, I spent countless hours with my Grandfather in Brazil looking at stones from the mines practically in our backyard and from around the world. It is because of this, I have such an admiration for the colors, rarity, and places gemstones are found. For me it is like working with the earth’s greatest gifts and the best part is sharing my pieces and teaching others just how unique and special these stones are.

Because I work so closely with these stones, I feel it is my duty to do so responsibly, ethically, sustainably and conflict free. I also donate 10% of all sales to animal and environmental charities. As I mentioned, my love for animals is so strong so a huge part of my jewelry and dedication to my art is donating to help non-kill animal shelters. To read more about this visit my Animal Advocacy page.