Graziela Gems Supports Ian Somerhalder Foundation

New Graziela Gems Collection Inspired by Nikki Reed in Effort to Raise Awareness About Animal Rights and Environmental Protection

Join us in supporting The Ian Somerhalder Foundation which aims to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.

An animal inspired each piece in this collection. When Graziela and I first started working on them, I shared with her my love for Rhinos and Elephants. These majestic creatures inspired the first few pieces that she created. If you look closely you will find delicate details incorporated into the designs including the rhino horn and elephant ears. Graziela created these pieces using dark rhodium because she felt the dark color represented the pain that these animals often go through. She says it is a “combination of love and pain.” The fact that these animals are so close to extinction truly moved her and elements of these two animals are found throughout the collection. The Ocean and Earth collections are inspired by waves and texture. Graziela wants us to feel the movement of the water in the shape of the pieces in the Ocean collection. The grittiness of the earth is brought forth by the hammered effect used in the pieces in the Earth Collection. The colors used for all of these pieces: turquoise, jade and jasper; were chosen by Ian and me. We both have a strong appreciation for the qualities that they posses as well as for their uses. Gems are widely recommended for their ability to heal. That seemed more than appropriate considering our ultimate goal for the collection.

60% of the retail purchase price of these pieces are donated to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation in support of its charitable mission.


Nikki Reed

To learn more about the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, visit their website.

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