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The easiest way to size yourself is by using a flexible tape measure that you might find in a sewing kit. Simply wrap the tape measure around the finger you want the ring for and match it up with the ring size measurement chart I have provided below. If you don't have a flexible measuring device for ring sizing, you can take a piece of string or yarn and wrap it around your finger then measure that length with a ruler.

Ring Size Inside Diameter (in) Inside Diameter (mm)
Size 4 1 13/16 inches 46.5mm
Size 5 1 15/16 inches 49mm
Size 6 2 1/16 inches 51.7mm
Size 7 2 1/8 inches 54.3mm
Size 8 2 1/4 inches 57.2mm
Size 9 2 5/16 inches 59.7mm
Size 10 2 7/16 inches 62.2mm
Size 11 2 9/16 inches 64.7mm
Size 12 2 5/8 inches 67.2mm
Size 13 2 3/4 inches 69.7mm
Size 14 2 7/8 inches 72mm