The New Titanium Pieces You’ll Love!

The New Titanium Pieces You’ll Love!
June 7, 2018 Graziela Gems

We just launched our new Titanium collection at the Couture Show in Las Vegas this past week and we couldn’t be more excited! This has been a one and a half year adventure and a very challenging and enduring process, to say the least.

Our biggest challenge was to manifest my sketches into precious titanium metal pieces while adding my Graziela signature gemstones as well. To do this, I worked with a team to first make 3D CAD renderings of them and then had them 3D printed. After tweaking and reworking some of the printings, we were able to print the 3D drawings using the titanium, however, we weren’t done yet! The printing of the titanium came out really thick so we needed to work with the pieces in order to be able to set the paraiba tourmaline gemstones and diamonds in there which was very complex. Lastly, we anodized the titanium making them blue.

After a long two years, we are proud to announce the Titanium Collection is here! For more information please call us at 800-961-1170.

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