Another Fantastic Year at JCK Tucson!

Another Fantastic Year at JCK Tucson!
February 12, 2018 Graziela Gems

It’s My Favorite Time of Year When the Gemstone Hunt is On!

Last week I attended the JCK Tucson event and it was even better than I had expected! Walking around this event is like walking through a candy store. There are endless amounts of gemstones, sellers, cuts, colors and even mine owners. It is truly an amazing experience and I look forward to going every year.

This year I had my sights on some of the rarest of the rare gemstones, including my signature Paraiba Tourmalines, and I believe I found them. We are still waiting for their certificates but be on the lookout for our upcoming announcements on these rare gemstones!

Besides discovering new beautiful stones, one of my favorite things to do at JCK Tucson is to sit down with the mine owners and cutters to talk about the process of extracting and cutting the gemstones. It’s so fascinating to me and this year I was able to make little videos to share with you guys.

Meet Junior, he is my good friend and the cutter of our precious paraiba tourmaline stones for over 20 years! Here he explains why paraibas are priced so high compared to other gemstones.

Additionally, this is Barto, he is the Brazilian mine owner where we get all of our beautiful paraibas from.  Here he describes the typical percentage of quality paraiba stones comparred to commercial paraibas when they extract it from the mine.

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