A Paraiba In Every Piece

A Paraiba In Every Piece
March 6, 2017 Graziela Gems

A Precious Paraiba In Every Graziela Gems’ Piece

We Are So Excited To Announce Our New Graziela Gems Staple!

We are currently working to put at least one Paraiba Tourmaline gemstone in every Graziela Gems piece! As some of you may know, Paraiba Tourmaline is my all-time favorite gemstone. It’s stunning blue/turquoise color has always been fascinating to me and it is even more near to my heart as the original mine was practically in my backyard growing up.

Its rarity and scarcity makes this gem a million times more rare than a diamond and but we want every one of our customers to behold their beauty. At no extra cost, and starting with our newest stock, we have included at least one Paraiba in the pieces below with our Couture pieces having three Paraiba stones representing our ‘Exotic, Precious and True’ motto.

We are working hard to put them in all of our pieces and expect to have this completed by Summer 2017, however, here are pieces that already have the Paraiba in them.


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