Graziela’s 5 Favorite Gems from Around the World

Graziela’s 5 Favorite Gems from Around the World
March 10, 2016 Graziela Gems

Gems are My World

Some of my fondest memories growing up were visiting Grandpa’s atelier. To me, gazing at shiny gems was a lot more fun than playing with Barbies and baby dolls… It was an escape into a land of wonder and what ifs. Actually, it was at this point that I began to create jewelry in my mind’s eye, you see. I didn’t just see a gemstone – I saw movement and color combinations, shapes and forms. I’m pretty sure it was around this time that my subconscious decided I would one day become a jewelry designer.

The top 5 gems that I’m obsessed with right now are:


1. FIRE OPAL | Mexico

I’ll start with fire opal because I love the fiery red color that can be found in these gems. Mined mostly in Mexico, these gems don’t just come in red, but red is the most desired over the yellow or orange hues.

I’ll start with fire opal because I love the fiery red color that can be found in these gems and it also seemed to be popular at the 2016 JCK industry event I attended. They do come in orange and yellow hues but the red is most desirable and what I personally love working with the most. You can really see this gem dazzle in my Fire Opal Ring that I paired with unique brown diamonds creating a flame like design that I feel really captures the boldness of the fire opal gemstone. Wear this gem out and you will definitely feel bold and radiant.





It is hard to find a stone that is as versatile in color as the tourmaline gemstone and being from Brazil, these stones are near and dear to my heart. If you didn’t know, these gems are called the “rainbow” gem and I love the old Egyptian legend that goes with it. Legend has it that this gemstone traveled through the center of the earth to the sky and on its way, passed through a rainbow and therefore inheriting all of the colors of the rainbow. I think that is so unique and I work with tourmalines that really capture the broad spectrum of colors this gem has to offer. You can see this versatility in my Tourmaline Party Bangle with bi-color, pink and green tourmaline. Set in 18k gold, this bangle is truly a party and is guaranteed to catch a lot of attention.



3. EMERALD | Colombia

Finding top of the line Emerald can be difficult but I have an eye for seeing Emeralds in their purest form which, in some cases, can be more valuable than diamonds. The radiant green is something that I gravitate towards because it brings an energy that I can’t really explain. When designing my Emerald Maximus Ring, I captured this energy with a circular design highlighting a larger emerald by surrounding it with smaller emeralds and, of course, finishing it off with surrounding white diamonds. All together there is about 3.30 carats of emerald and I included dark rhodium accents giving it an amazing contrast.



4.  APATITE | Brazil

There is something so striking about this bright blue that can be found in the apatite gem. In my Daydream Earrings, I compliment this rare aqua blue with pure white diamonds to really highlight the amazing color. The apatite gem is said to have properties that motivate you to be independent, ambitious and determined and these earrings say just that.


5. BLUE SAPPHIRE | Australia 

The blue sapphire has been a beloved gem since the BC era and the blue was said to be a reflection of the sky or the heavens. I like this gem because it brings a calmness or tranquility to your mood yet also emotes elegance and charm.

If you are a September baby you will have take a look at all of my blue sapphire pieces but one of my favorites is my Sapphire Cage Ring. With 3 carats of blue sapphires wrapping your finger, this piece was carefully crafted to bring exquisiteness anyone’s jewelry collection.


sapphire cage ring


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