Graziela Kaufman | GIA Certified

Graziela Kaufman | GIA Certified
March 23, 2016 Graziela Gems

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Taking her position as a high jewelry designer very seriously and more importantly, the trust that her clients place on her is what drove the decision to obtain advanced degrees in Gemology.

It is not an anomaly in the business of sourcing gems that stunning pieces of glass get passed around and sold as genuine gemstones. The only way to bypass this traumatic experience is through technical education. Having the accreditation of the GIA is a worthwhile endeavor particularly for someone that designs heirloom pieces that will be passed down through generations.

The Gemological Institute of America or GIA is the world renowned institution for gem studies and our own Graziela Kaufman (founder of Graziela Gems) has not one but three GIA graduate degrees! Think of it as the Harvard for gemologists, the GIA is known for leading the world’s research and academics in diamonds, gemstones and pearls. Established in 1931, the GIA created the International Diamond Grading System standard which has allowed modern day gemologist to evaluate the quality of a diamond through the “4Cs”; Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight. It is with this background that this institute has been held in such high regard and is known to be one of the toughest educational achievements in the gem world. Obtaining degrees from GIA is very much an investment into this art and for that we applaud Graziela in her time and efforts dedicated to the higher education in fine gems and jewelry making.

Receiving three graduate degrees in Diamonds, Colored Gemstones and Jewelry Making, Graziela is truly an expert in finding top notch gems from around the world and crafting them into beautiful jewelry pieces. Although not an easy feat as the experience of obtaining these three degrees was challenging to say the least, it was most certainly a labor of love. Juggling a big family with young children, a husband and the demands of a growing business, Graziela found herself at odds but keeping her eyes on the prize fueled her to push through and obtain these highly coveted degrees.

In true Graziela style, she found herself reaching for the stars once more by obtaining the trifecta of graduate Gemology degrees which seemed like a natural progression of events. After a lifetime fascination and expertise in jewelry making and fine gems, this was the technical education and cherry on top to assuring only the finest quality gems for her pieces. And through it all, what has made this journey a worthwhile and valuable endeavor is the ever growing trust and appreciation of her clients for her beautiful, exclusive jewelry.

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