Top 5 Graziela Gems Pieces of 2015

Top 5 Graziela Gems Pieces of 2015
January 20, 2016 Graziela Gems

2015 was a great year at Graziela Gems. We had some pleasant surprises such as when Jaime King gave us an awesome shout out on Instagram or when Kelly Osbourne wore 5 pieces of my jewelry to the Oscars.  We introduced new collections, most recently our Paraiba Obsession Collection featuring the Paraiba gem, one of the rarest gems in the world. What a year!

As we looked back, there were a couple of jewelry pieces that were really popular last year with both our customers and some of Hollywoods biggest names. We compiled this list of Top 5 most popular Graziela Gems pieces of 2015.  Leave us a comment below and tell us which is your favorite!

Top 5 Most Popular Graziela Gems Pieces of 2015

No.5 Wave Ear Cuffs

Inspired by Rashida Jones, who wore my Baby Dash Earrings upside down, these cuffs sent a roar through Hollywood. Becoming one of the talked about pieces, I was thrilled to have celebrities like Jennifer Lawerence, Emma Watson, Anna Kendrick and others wearing them on the red carpet in 2015.

  • Collection: Wave
  • Price: $399

No.4 Baby Dash Earrings

As seen worn by Angelique Cabral at the ‘Life in Pieces’ event in Los Angeles, these earrings feature black spinel and white topaz. Available in rose vermeil, yellow vermeil, dark and white rhodium metals, its one of our most diverse pieces and is great for any special occasion.

  • Collection: Dash
  • Price: $105

No. 3 Baguette Rings

ruby-baguette-ringLooking for a great Valentine’s Day gift? This Ruby Baguette Band is all the talk and is a customer favorite. Featuring amazing gems such as Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and more, you are sure to find the perfect match for your special someone.

  • Collection: Baguette
  • Price: $1,620

No. 2 Wave Band Rings

wave-band-rings-graziela-gemsStack them or wear them one at a time, these wave bands are really creative, beautiful pieces that come in many different colors. Just as a warning, once you buy one, you’ll want another one and then another one! 

  • Collection: Wave
  • Price: $150 – $190

No. 1 Curve Ear Cuff
curve-ear-cuffComing in as the most popular item on Graziela Gems in 2015, the Tiny Curve Ear Cuffs were everywhere! Made in rose gold and black, this simple yet elegant cuff is a real beauty. At only $150, these are beautiful earrings show you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look fantastic.  

  • Collection: Curve
  • Price: $190

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