Winter Sale: Everything Dark Rhodium

Winter Sale: Everything Dark Rhodium
December 30, 2015 Graziela Gems

The look of the season: Dark Rhodium

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Winter is usually thought of as the season of all white with bold colors. But we thought we’d show you that dark goes together with white just as well. For a limited-time, take an extra 15% off any piece that is part of our Web Deals under $400 section. Here are some of our favorites that are made with Dark Rhodium Sterling Silver. All designed by Graziela Kaufman. All priced under $400.

Earrings and Ear Cuffs

Dark Rhodium earrings and ear cuffs really stand out especially when mixed with all natural matura diamonds. Here are some pieces from our Curve Collection and Wave Collection.

  • Tiny Curve Ear Cuffs $150
    • Dark Garnet Wing Earrings $320

  • Wave Ear Cuffs $300
  • Double Curve Ear Cuffs $270
  • Wing Earrings $320
  • Wave Ear Cuffs $250


Bangles in Black 

These Bangles are made with either black spinel (black) or natural zircon matura diamonds (black and white) and of Black Rhodium. They make for a great accessory no matter the occasion. Both are part of the Wave Collection.

  • Wave Bangle in Black $350
  • Wave Bangle in Black & White $350

Rings & Necklaces

To complete your winter look, stackable Wave rings or one of our featured Curve necklaces might be just the thing. These pieces are also made with Dark Rhodium and black spinel or natural matura zircon diamonds.

  • Stackable Wave Rings $170
    • Dash Necklace $160

  • Curve-Y Necklace $200
  • Stackable Wave Rings $170
  • Big Dash Necklace $180
  • Double Curve-Y Necklace $275


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