Couture by Graziela

Exquisitely Designed Couture

Bold, brilliant and luxurious, the Couture collections by Brazilian designer Graziela Kaufman, feature one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces in an array of unique and distinctive styles. Every collection is hand-crafted with some of the world’s rarest stones and most precious metals for the woman looking for a keepsake that is as stunning as it is timeless.

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The Midnight Collection

First introduced to the US luxury jewelry market by Graziela, the new Midnight Aquamarine gemstone is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Found only in her home country of Brazil, Graziela worked with the local miners to extract this beautiful stone in the most eco-friendly way possible. Its unique denim blue brilliance captured Graziela’s heart the moment she laid eyes on them and inspired her to design one of her most glamorous collections yet.

Released at the 2017 Luxury JCK, Las Vegas event, this collection created quite a buzz that caught the attention of buyers, designers and gemologists. We have since trademarked this gemstone as Midnight Aquamarine.

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Something Blue Collection

A million times more rare than a diamond, Paraiba Tourmaline is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Only mined in three places, this gemstone owes its electric blue color to manganese and copper, elements never seen in tourmalines before. It is a true gift from nature and I have been in love with them since I first laid eyes on them. This collection has over 50 pieces and is exquisitely designed to showcase the brilliant color of this rare, magnificent gem.

Egyptian Collection

Exotic one-of-a-kind designs mirroring Egyptian decadence with accented edges carved into pure finished 18k gold. The incredible shine of the gold is further emboldened by brilliant rubies, emeralds, and blue sapphires in every piece. Exquisitely designed, this collection will turn heads at any special occasion is made for the woman who truly wants to shine.

Paraiba Obsession Collection

A stunningly rare mix of paraiba slices offering a range of colors from blues to greens and even red. Extracted and cut to perfection, every slice is different, showcasing nature’s finest colors and most unique patterns. For this collection,I worked with the local miners in my home country of Brazil to mine and to cut each piece in a way that illustrates the utmost beauty.

Baronela Collection

This collection is my love letter to my Italian jeweler Grandfather Mario Barone. As a little girl I would watch him create stunning pieces with impeccable craftsmanship. I have combined his traditional geometric shapes, gold links, brushed finishes, and my signature diamond baguettes along with a special and rare gemstone Gold Bearing Quartz. With pieces starting under $1,000 this collection has been created so every woman can own a truly exceptional piece of jewelry created with the best in old world craftsmanship.

Csarite Collection

A leader in the fine jewelry industry, Csarite quality Turkish diaspore is an adored gem found only 3000 feet up in the Turkish Anatolian mountains. Not only is this gemstone rare but it has gained deserving recognition for the immense spectrum of colors it can display. Depending on which light you are in, the stone can change from kiwi greens to raspberry purplish-pinks. But unlike other color-changing gems, Csarite is not limited to two primary colors. Incredibly, this same gemstone can also exhibit khaki greens, cognac pinks, canary yellows, pinkish champagnes, sage greens, raspberry purplish-pinks and vibrant gingers under a variety of different light sources.

Enchanted Lavender Collection

This Couture collection features bold lavender and purple amethyst stones set in finished 18k gold. Handmade to ensure each piece is designed to perfection, this magical collection offers a whimsical feeling in an array of blue and purple hues. Lavender earrings and rings are perfect for any enchanted night.

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